This waterski project was initiated by Hofstatt D&D in 2005, when tournament slalom skis where manufactured by US based companies only. We put together a team of pro skiers, consultants and dealers and decided on Fischer Composite Technology as the perfect partner for manufacturing and sales.The result was the lightest slalomski ever built and it immediately showed excellent performance. Many titles including world champion, Materialica design award and winner of the Waterski-Magazine ski test have been achieved allready in the first season. The for Hofstatt D&D also financially successful project ended a few years later, when Fischer headquarters sold it`s Composite Technolgy Department to Benteler. Many started developments for a #02 ski, including safety bindings and a state of the art fin system have therefor not been realized and are still open spinoffs (see trigger or zerofina). For more detailed information see Waterski MagazineĀ“s interview with Kurt Steinwald, CEO of Hostatt D&D.