slalom waterski safety binding meeting alpine DIN specifications
single boot will use front and rear parts without DRA
the front part releases sideways at twisting forces, the rear part upwards at a forward force. the longitudinal moveable double release adapter (DRA) in the middle unlocks when either boot is released. front boot off - DRA moves forward and releases rear boot rear boot off - DRA moves backwards and releases front boot
binding socket matching plates also allow for pivot
lenght compensation within binding sockets
and edging fine adjust
three separated attachment plates will fit most ski inserts. there is no end to end plate to affect the flex of the ski.
trigger was originally developed for a #02 Fischer and is now available to spinoff. imaginable as stand alone for retrofit or exclusively for a ski brand. to combine trigger with a new ski model will offer the benefit of a new flex design considering the minimized influence of the binding plates. almost hundred years of experience made alpine ski bindings much safer than existing waterski bindings. many bad injuries, especially from twisting forces can be avoided by elevating the standards to this state of technology.